Audio-Technica U891WRb Condenser Boundary Microphone with Switch, 120° acceptance angle, White


Designed to deliver easy, flexible control in conference and boardroom installations, the versatile U891Rb condenser boundary microphone features a touch-sensitive capacitive-type user switch that can be set to three modes: touch on/off, touch to talk, and touch to mute. The phantom-powered microphone is equipped with a unique PivotPoint® rotating output connector and a two-state RGB LED status indicator. UniGuard® innovations offer unsurpassed immunity from radio frequency interference; additional interchangeable elements are available separately in omnidirectional (360°), cardioid (120°), and hypercardioid (100°) polar patterns; an 80 Hz low-cut UniSteep® filter reduces pickup of low-frequency ambient noise. The microphone’s heavy die-cast case and silicon foam bottom pads minimize coupling of surface vibration to the microphone, while threaded inserts on the bottom of the microphone allow it to be mounted with screws for increased security. The unit’s self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an external power module.

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