QSC RMX1450A Two-Channel Power Amplifier


You can count on the QSC RMX1450a when you need a reliable, tour-quality power amplifier. The sound is clear and powerful, with flexible options to help you fine-tune your sound system. The RMX1450a lets you choose between 30Hz and 50Hz low-cut filters to optimize your sound, plus a defeatable clipping limiter to protect your speakers against signal spikes. And with both XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs, this power amp is ready to integrate into virtually any sound system. For awesome sound that you can count on for years, call Sweetwater for the QSC RMX1450a power amplifier. Rack space counts, especially when you’re touring the country with tons of equipment. The QSC RMX1450a packs a ton of power into a chassis that’s less than 16″ deep, which gives you more room to make connections and manage your rack equipment. The QSC RMX1450a power amplifier has both XLR and 1/4″ balanced inputs, plus vinding post and speakON outputs for maximum convenience. Whether you’re playing at the local club or managing a large-scale stage production, it’s easy to integrate the QSC RMX1450a into virtually any system that requires powerful, transparent audio performance. There’s a low-cut filter on the QSC RMX1450a, to help protect your speakers and also help you maintain more headroom. Set it at 30Hz if you’re using the RMX1450a to power a subwoofer, giving you powerful low-frequency response while filtering out sub-sonics that eat up your headroom. Set it to 50Hz if you’re powering main speakers, giving you even more headroom for clear, dynamic, full-range sound while maintaining powerful low-end presence.

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