Effective date: January 3rd 2021

It is important for you to review this privacy policy statement
xkit.me privacy policy statement describes the methods we collect, populate, maintain, store, use and protect your personal information.
“personal information” means any information associated with a specific person or a company used to identify them. It does not include anonyms information as to it cannot be used to identify a specific person or company.
The personal information is being collected whenever you use xkit.me or any of its related websites and/ or services. Including and not limited to posting, bidding, selling, buying, auctioning, commenting, telephone or emailing support teams.
Providing personal information expressly provides consent to using your personal information as per our terms of our privacy policy.
The privacy policy might change from time to time, with the new version & effective date posted on xkit.me site. After which, your continuous use of the site expresses clear consent of the new terms of our privacy policy.
We do encourage to visit the privacy policy page frequently to check for any changes, announcements or amendments.

By registering as a user, we will ask you to submit personal information; for example, and not limited to: name, email, address, company name, registration number, or any such information. Some information might be mandatory and others optional. This will only be in the “my account” section.
If you choose to use certain features of the site, you will also be asked for some financial information including billing address and credit card information. Such information will only be requested at the checkout or “my account” sections.
Posting such information in other sections is restricted and protects from possible fraud or identity theft.
Personal information might need to be verified, so further information might be requested in due course.
Other information such as and not limited to ip address, navigation information, transactional information and computer information might be collected. These can be collected from various methods such as, but not limited to surveys, feedback, ratings, comments

We use your information in activities relating to the use of the site; to facilitate providing our service and support to you; to measure and improve quality of service, implement our “terms & conditions”, collect fees and subscriptions, promote our services, prevent fraud and illegal activities, and verify information.
We do not sell or rent any of your personal information to third parties in the normal use of the site.
By providing the information, you clearly express acceptance of receiving promotional emails or sms regarding our promotions, listings, and products. You can opt out from receiving these messages from the “my account” page, or from the “unsubscribe” link in the bottom of emails
comments help us promote and market the site, and by posting such comments, you clearly express consent to us using the comments for marketing and promotional purposes.
Your information is private, and we try not to share them. But we might need to disclose some or all information to law enforcement or other government bodies to help detect or prevent illegal activities.
Xkit.me partners may have access to some personal information in order to give better service or relay messages or promotions , you can opt out by sending a message to hello @xkit.me
some information will be publicly shared on the site to facilitate the activity of the website.
Any information provided by you to any site users is your own responsibility we cannot guarantee your privacy. Whether through email, chat, messages or attachments using the site.
When any information, private or financial, is shared with you, please respect the privacy of other site members. You hence agree to use this information for the site transactions solely (unless you receive express consent to use them) .
You agree to use the information received from other site members in accordance to applicable laws.

Validity, accessing , amending personal information
You acknowledge and confirm that the information you provided is true and valid, and you are legally responsible for any fraud or manipulation.
Information can be reviewed and amended through the “my account” page or by contacting hello @xkit.me.

Third party
The site might contain links to other sites, they might have their own privacy policy, and ours does not apply to any of these links. Our policy only for the information we collect on our site.

Cookies are files placed on your computers hard drive, these files identify your browser with a unique number and identity.
As most websites, we use cookies. They help us enhance the experience of the site with data collected. The cookies we use do not provide personal information.
You can always decline the use of cookies from your browser.

we do not accept or tolerate spam
you can always report spam to hello @xkit.me
we automatically scan and filter content, messages with spam, viruses phishing attacks, illegal, and other malicious activity

Protecting personal information
We use encrypted files to manage your personal data and they are saved on servers outside the country .
Internet is not a secure place and we cannot guarantee privacy of information a 100% .
Do not share your login credentials with anyone.
If you feel the credentials have been compromised, please contact us at hello @xkit.me immediately, and change the login name and password in the “my account” section

Limited license
By using this site to view, list items, bid for listings, you agree to the terms of use of the site.. If you do not agree to them , please refrain from using the site.
For any inquiries or concerns , please contact us at hello @xkit.me